Stackable Bins

Stackable Bins are useful for storing almost any small items and take up very little space. Contact a Knight Representative for more information.

Attached Lid Containers

Attached Lid Containers are reusable storage containers ideal for use in order picking, closed-loop distribution, and storage applications. Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage. These industrial shipping containers stack for maximized storage and nest when empty, saving space. Textured bottoms provide a sure grip on conveyor belts. Strong molded-in handle grips are ergonomically designed for easy lifting and carrying. Padlock eye provides security option. Reinforced steel hinge pins provide years of smooth lid operation. Contact a Knight Representative for more information.

Nest and Stack Totes

Nest & Stack Totes are the ideal solution for storage, work-in-process, transfer and shipping applications. NSTs stack with or without optional lids and nest when empty to conserve space. Strong, high-density, industrial-grade polymers will not rust, corrode or bend out of shape, even when fully loaded. Heavy-duty construction provides a longer service life resulting in lower replacement costs than alternative products. Nest and Stack Totes stack when full, turn 180 degrees, and nest when empty.

Dividable Boxes

Dividable Containers are ideal for work-in-process transfer applications, or for sorting inventory. Use dividers to create hundreds of custom sized storage compartments as small as 1-1/8". Strong stacking rims and external ribbing provide added strength. Optional snap-on lids keep contents secure and dust free. Dividers sold separately. Resists most solvents and chemicals. Contact a Knight Representative for more information.

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