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Clamp End Effectors are available in an inner and outer surface clamp configuration, and an inner and outer diameter clamp configuration. Clamp end effectors are used to handle a wide variety of applications. Clamp End Effectors apply inner or outer force to secure the product and are designed specifically to each application.


Hook End Effectors are designed to be a quick and simple solution when available to transfer your product and are available in multiple styles. Hook End Effectors quickly connect and disconnect to designated areas of the product or fixture. Most applications tend to be straight lift and transfer with no manipulation of the product. Some typical applications include: spare tire transfers, hood lifts, cylinder head lifts, axle lifts, driveshafts and battery lifts.


Magnet End Effectors are ideal for steel parts. Standard Magnet End Effectors are available in an Air Driven or Electromagnet configuration depending on your application. Magnet End Effectors are commonly used for picking up sheets of steel or cylindrical steel tubes among many other types of applications. Magnet manipulators maximum capacities vary per application.


Nest End Effectors are a ideal for less-complex, but secure solutions. These devices are used to handle a wide variety of applications that require no part manipulation. Nest End Effectors scoop underneath the product using it weight and gravity to secure the product being transferred. A latch or clamp may be added to secure the part into the fixture. The nesting structure can be brass, steel, urethane, nylon, etc. Nest End Effectors are easy to operate and require little to no maintenance.


Vacuum Cup End Effectors are an ideal solution for handling non and low porous materials with flat or slightly curved surfaces such as metal sheets, glass, boxes, hoods, doors, body panels, etc. Vacuum End Effectors are available in multiple cup configurations depending on the application requirement. Vacuum manipulators are commonly used for straight, horizontal, shear and multi-contoured surface transfers. The maximum capacity of Vacuum End Effectors varies per application.


Knight Ergonomics has years of experience in designing and building custom end effectors and will work with you to ensure an affordable custom solution that gets the job done.

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